Wenge knife just about done


Put some time in on this knife this weekend, in addition to working on the Japanese style tool chest I’m building to store my knife making equipment. That’s another “almost” this weekend.

Anyway, on the knife, I got the handle finished, sanded up to 800 grit, oiled and buffed out. Then polished the blade up to 1000 grit for a satin finish, electro-etched the Square K logo and buffed up the brass guard. I’m really happy with how this one came out. My best so far, as it should be.

This one is already spoken for, but it has three other siblings on the way that will soon be looking for good homes.

IMG_20150405_172250 IMG_20150405_172303

All that’s left now is putting a real edge on it and honing it razor sharp. And making a sheath. Leather work is something I’m still getting up to speed on, but the sheaths I’ve made so far have turned out pretty well. Hoping I can level up a bit on this aspect too.


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