Updates, K1 and K2

Well, it’s been a great few weeks since I started this site. I’ve sold nearly all the knives that were available or in progress, and finished up and shipped all those that were sold. I also started a new batch of knives, and all four of those are now sold.

Speaking of the next batch, I’m working on a new design. This isn’t a drastic change, but incorporates a few changes to aspects of the knife that, to me, stood out as having room for improvement.

Here’s a (non)artist’s rendering of the new design.


The knife is approximately the same size as the ones I’ve been making. The blade itself is about 1/4″ longer and 1/4″ narrower, so overall it feels more streamlined. I’m also going with a Scandinavian or “Scandi” grind. This means that rather than beveling the blade for most of its width, it is only beveled on the last quarter inch or so. This adds additional strength, as you’re taking away less metal. Of course, for a fine slicing tool such as a kitchen knife, you’d want a thin, full taper. But for something that will probably see harsher work, the Scandi is a good choice.

Instead of the brass guard, I’m going with a brass bolster. It will still hook out a bit to give the functionality of a finger guard, but I think it looks much more elegant.

The handle is the same basic shape. The lanyard tube is a bit larger, and instead of three plain brass cutlery rivets, there will be two mosaic pins. Here’s what those pins will look like:


All in all, I believe these changes will result in a much more refined knife. I’ve dubbed this new model the “K2”, which makes the original design the “K1”.

I’m not totally retiring the K1. If someone wants a K1, I’ll happily make them one. But I’ll be focusing on the K2.

Here are a few shots of the first one making its way towards completion.

First, the K2 template, compared to the K1.


There’s a bit of perspective going on there that make the new template on the bottom look much larger then the earlier one on the top. If you lay them right on top of each other the new one is 3/16″ longer.

I start with a fresh piece of O1 tool steel, paint with Dykem and trace the outline of the template with a carbide scribe.





Then I cut out the knife shape as close as I can. I’ve been doing this by hand so far, but I just got a metal bandsaw which is going to make this phase a whole lot easier.


Then, onto the grinder, profiling down to the scribe lines, then rough grinding the bevel and drilling all the necessary holes.



Then it’s into the fire for heat treating.


Cleaned up, with makers mark etched in.


And bolsters rough cut.


And here the handles are going on.


All that’s left now is shaping the handle and making the sheath.

The wood you see for the scales is Arizona desert ironwood. I’ve stockpiled enough of this to make four knives. I’ll finish this one up by the weekend and get started on the next three. This was a test of the new design and I’ve learned a lot of things that should make the next few go much easier.

When this batch is done, I’ll start another batch of four of the same, and I’ll hold the price for those at $125 + shipping. This batch sold fast, so let me know if you want in.

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